Grain Free Tortillas

**See also my Cassava Flour Tortillas which are Paleo, Egg, & Nut Free!!!


Even though I cook gluten & dairy free for my son, we have all benefited from the diet, especially me. But now I’m going to try and take it a step further and go 100% grain free!!! But this time it’s for me.

After years of digestive issues, reflux, nausea, vomiting, and fatigue I finally got a diagnosis of gastroparesis a few months ago (slow stomach emptying). Even with medication I still have flare ups and for this reason I’ve decided to try going grain free.

So no more Rudi’s bread for sandwiches, corn tortillas, corn chips, brown rice pasta, or packaged gluten free snacks!!! Ahhhhh…. I hope I can do it!

So tonight when I made my enchillada recipe, instead of using corn tortillas like I usually do, I made a recipe that is a spin off of a flour tortilla recipe (this recipe is easier!!) and we were all super happy with them 🙂

They were really easy to make and I can’t wait to try some of these flavor combos:
  • nut or sunflower seed butter with bananas
  • lemon custard with blueberries
  • whipped cream with strawberries

Do you have any combos you want to try?

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Grain Free Wraps / Tortillas
Serves: 7-8 wraps
  • 1 C Blanched Almond Flour, Honeyville Brand
  • 1 C Arrowroot Flour
  • ¼ Tsp. Sea Salt
  • ½ Tsp. Grain Free Baking Powder
  • 2 Eggs
  • 1 C Non-Dairy Milk + more if needed
  • Cooking Spray or Oil
  1. Whisk together the almond flour, arrowroot, salt, and baking powder in a large bowl.
  2. Stir in the eggs and milk until very well combined. If batter is too thick (seems to thicken over time) add more milk 1 Tbsp. at a time. Batter should be fairly thin. For best results, blend in blender until smooth.
  3. Place skillet over medium/medium-high heat.
  4. Spray with cooking oil or spread olive oil or coconut oil in pan.
  5. When pan is pre-heated, pour about ⅓ - ½ cup batter into pan. Lift up and swirl pan to spread batter.
  6. Allow to cook for about 1-2 minutes or until bottom is firm and has started to brown. Flip and cook until done, about another 1 - 2 minutes. Set aside.
  7. Repeat with remaining batter. Makes about 7 - 8 wraps.
*Keeps well in the freezer: Allow to cool completely and place in a large freezer-safe bag with a piece of parchment between each tortilla. Do not keep in fridge as they tend to get hard.


this post is part of Allergy Free Wednesdays and Gluten Free Recipe Fix

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64 responses to “Grain Free Tortillas

  1. those look incredible! yay for going grain free! i just made the switch to grain free on the Specific Carb Diet. so tough when you’re used to quinoa and brown rice, and corn chips — but it gets easier the less you think about what you can’t eat:) Hang in there!

  2. Hi There Cassidy,

    Good for you! I’ve heard of this (we thought my son had it last year). I’m sorry to hear that you’re not well. I can relate on so many levels with the bloating and gas. Oh my goodness. I’m 100% on SCD for Crohns and I’m still so bloated (even more so than before) – I seriously look 6 months preggers. Our bodies are like the most difficult puzzle to figure out in the world. I do hope you are able to get some reprieve going grain free, Cassidy.

    Some other things I am considering is food pairing (not eating protein with fruit), etc., also looking at eating right for my blood type, and fructose malabsorption. Arg. Important to stay positive though, right! 🙂

    I wish you well on your healing journey.

    Big hugs,

    P.S. These tortillas look fantastic. You’re so creative in the kitchen. You’re going to do great grain free!!

  3. Thanks so much for sharing…I’m definitely giving these a try! I love crepes, they’re so easy; and tortillas has been one thing that I’ve missed gf…and the fact that they’re grain free is a super plus! (I’m not 100% grain free, but the corn tortillas don’t always agree with me).

  4. Thanks for the great recipe! I too have gastroparesis (diagnosed 7 years ago) and have found that eating grain free and low FODMAP foods have made a world of difference in my symptom management. Best of luck and don’t give up, it’s takes a little trial and error to find what works best for you!

  5. Thanks for the great recipe! I too have gastroparesis (diagnosed 7 years ago) and have found that eating grain free and low FODMAP foods have made a world of difference in my symptom management. Best of luck and don’t give up, it’s takes a little trial and error to find what works best for you!

  6. Thanks for the great recipe! I too have gastroparesis (diagnosed 7 years ago) and have found that eating grain free and low FODMAP foods have made a world of difference in my symptom management. Best of luck and don’t give up, it’s takes a little trial and error to find what works best for you!

  7. Thanks everyone for all the support and nice comments 🙂 I’ll need to try some of your suggestions on food pairing and low FODMAP foods.

    Thanks again,

  8. How do you deal with your gastroparesis? I was diagnosed with that, too, a few months ago. It’s not any fun. 🙁 Did going completely grain-free help? I’ve been looking for ways to increase my appetite but it’s hard to do when you’re always feeling full. It’s nice to hear from someone with the some “problems” lol. Thanks for the recipe!

  9. Hi Olivia!

    Sorry to hear you have gastroparesis too 🙁 My doctor put me on domperidone but I try to mostly control it with my diet. I think being grain free helps with a lot of my symptoms but not all. I am fine with nuts and almond flour but I try not to eat too much. Exercise helps a lot too! Hope you feel better! If you find something that works for you let me know!!!


  10. Cristie Kalish

    Oh boy do we Love these. I make them all the time now in big batches as they save so well. And they are soooo versatile, I ran out of arrowroot and used 1/2c potato starch and 1/2c tapioca starch and they were just as good. My daughter loves to spread dairy free butter on them and sprinkle with cinnamon and sugar, I use them to replace all other tortilla or crepe needs and can’t thank you enough. I currently have all the ingredients for your chimichangas, ohhhh can’t wait.

    • Cassidy

      Hi Cristie! I’m so happy you like them! Thanks for the nice comment and for letting everyone know that 1/2 C potato Starch and 1/2 C tapioca starch also works. I hope you like the chimichangas, it’s one of our favorites 🙂


  11. […] the fish on top of heated corn tortillas (or this grain free flour tortilla), along with our creamy chilpotle sauce we made, the pineapple salsa, and […]

    • Cassidy

      Hi Chris-

      I’ve never tried them using any kind of egg substitute so I just can’t say for sure, sorry. The eggs provide some fat and help bind so you could try some olive oil maybe (a few Tbsp?) and a binding agent such as xanthan gum, chia seeds, flax seeds, or psyllium husks mixed with warm water so all in all it equals 1/2 C??? Or you could try using flax eggs – just warm water and flax seeds. If you try this recipe without eggs let us know what you did and how it turned out!

      Sorry I couldn’t be of more help.


    • Amy

      I use equal amounts of almond flour, tapioca, and water(that’s it). I add a little sea salt and garlic for flavor. In my opinion, grain free flat bread/tortillas are better than normal ones. They are crispy and chewy. They also make great “pita chips” if you bake in oven. I can not wait to make the hamburger buns and mayo.

      • Thanks Amy! I love these tortillas better than the normal one too 🙂 Let me know what you think of the hamburger buns and mayo!!!

        Happy Baking!

  12. L. Smith

    “bloating (like 6 months pregnant bloating!)”

    Hi Cassidy, I came across your website yesterday when searching for GFCFSF cream cheese, and I stayed on it reading most of the day! I was floored when I read your comment about bloating. This is me. It has made for some very uncomfortable social outings! I am sorry you go through it too. Until I read your site, I did not know it could be due to grains, so I also researched the paleo diet last evening. Thank you so much for these recipes and pointing me in a direction that could help. I hope you are experiencing some relief.

  13. Alma


    I just made them. Halfed the amounts as I’m really cautious when it comes to arrowrooth. Every crepe/tortilla I made had a “biting” aftertaste. But this is really mild and yummy. The batter was very thick from the start, so it was helpful to know it should be runny 😉

    Mine don’t look like yours but I bet they taste as as good.

  14. Kelsey

    We can’t have almond flour due to a nut allergy. Do you know if other gluten-free flours would work as a good substitute? If so, what kind?

  15. Shabana

    Sounds yummy and looks easy to make. I don’t have almond flour but do have coconut flour, will this work? If yes, what would be the substitution?

    • Hi Shabana!

      I’m sorry, but I don’t think coconut flour would work in this recipe 🙁 Coconut flour is a lot more absorbent than almond flour, so you would need quite a bit less. I would need to do a lot of experimenting to convert it to coconut flour. Sorry again!


  16. Chris Stephan

    I was testing various tortilla/wraps recipes and made 1/2 a batch of this recipe. It turned out very good, better than some of the other ones I tried. Will like to experiment with some additions, like garlic, fresh chopped rosemary, or curry powder for savory versions, and a little cinnamon for sweet versions.

  17. Kim

    These look so yummy!! What would you suggest in place of the almond flour? My DD is allergic to all the different nuts and tree nuts. THX!

    • Hi Kim!

      I’m sorry you have a nut allergy in the family 🙁 Almond flour is kind of hard to replace, the only replacement I know of is superfine sunflower seed flour but I haven’t tried it. Let me know how it works if you get the chance to test it out!


  18. Kathy

    Made this for the second time. Love them. I did not have enough milk (only 1/4C) so I just added water to make up the rest of the liquid and it worked fine. I added garlic powder and Italian seasonings when cooking on stove. They made great chicken quesadillas. Also have used them as wraps for sandwiches. Thanks for the easy recipe.

    • Thanks Kathy, I’m happy you like them so much!!! I’ll have to try them with garlic powder and Italian seasonings, that sounds good 🙂

  19. Cebon

    Heaven. These are absolute heaven!!! They taste like the tortillas I used to get in La Paz, fresh off the line. So amazed. Made these for the first time last night for steak fajitas, and we were blown away. My fiancé, (a seven year regional executive chef who I turned onto Paleo 6 months ago), inhaled them in about three seconds. Literally. I glanced at him after taking my second bite and both of his were gone. We are in love! THANK YOU.

  20. Susan

    These are the most amazing crepes/tortillas I have ever had you don’t even know you are eating grain free… I searched and search every where for a recipe without coconut flour as I am not a fan… I am so glad I stubbled upon your website and this recipe thank you so much 🙂

  21. Nicole

    I don’t usually (EVER) comment on recipes or posts, but I came back and found this page specifically to comment, after making these last week. I made the tortilla version (omitted the honey). I have been GF for almost one year now (and have ridded myself of bloating and terrible daily headache) and have recently been advised by an allergist to remove corn and soy as well to try and calm my body’s overzealous histamine response to pretty much everything. 3 weeks on a gluten, corn and soy free diet I am feeling more fabulous than I ever thought could be possible, but I’m still new enough at it to be searching the Interweb for stuff I can eat! I love that this recipe worked exactly as listed, I made it with exact measurements (using my homemade GF baking powder) and coconut oil in the pan. The instructions were spot on as well. Many recipes to fit my “new” way of eating have been disappointing in the flavor department, these were FANTASTIC. My family, husband and 4 kids who do not need to eat like me, all tried them and begged for more, leaving me making a second and third batch! We used them as Taco Shells. They hold their own in flavor and they work better as a tortilla then anything I had ever purchased from the grocery store (flour or corn). This recipe is extremely easy! It took me as much time to make these (and we like them slightly browned on the bottom) as it did to properly heat up the corn tortillas we used to use in a pan. I am seriously shouting this one from the rooftops! Thanks a bunch for sharing this.

  22. Angel

    Hi there. You have a great website. Thank you for all your hard work. For these tortillas, do you think anything could be substituted for the arrowroot flour? Specifically, something low-carb? Do you think that any of the fibers would work like oat fiber or psyllium husk? I need grain free, but also low carb and it’s very difficult to find. Thank you for your advice!

    • Hi Angel, I have never tried these with anything other than arrowroot or tapioca flour so I really can’t say for sure. But the arrowroot is what helps these tortillas be flexible and I’m not sure what would work in its place, sorry!!! If you figure anything out let me know!!!

  23. Ann Hewitt

    I have made this recipe many, many times. Love it as is and have found variations that are great, too. Have replaced coconut milk with water successfully. Have made it Low FODMAP compliant (and yummy) by replacing the almond flour with half tapioca starch and half brown rice flour. This evening I made a spinach wrap based off of this recipe that was great! I put 1 C. water and 6 grabs of spinach in the blender and whirred until liquified. I added the other ingredients minus the coconut milk and whirred some more. Cooked as stated in your recipe.

    Thanks so much for sharing your delicious recipes!

    • Awesome Ann!!! Thank you so much for the comment and letting me know your variations, I’ll have to try them – the spinach wraps sound great 🙂

  24. Erin

    Hello! I have a question, but I’ll start by saying that I just made these for the first time, and my 5 & 7 year old boys were crazy about them as cinnamon sugar crepes! My oldest (and my husband) were recently diagnosed as highly sensitive to gluten, dairy and chicken eggs, so it’s been challenging to find some fun (and good tasting) food for them! I followed the recipe exactly, except I subbed duck eggs… And like I said, delicious, but very soft and much more pancake like than tortilla. Is that the texture you get? My duck eggs weren’t huge, so I don’t think that would alter it much, but yours in the picture look much dryer than mine. I’m just not sure I could pass these off to my husband and have him accept them as a taco tortilla substitute! 😉 Any thoughts or tips would be appeeciated, and I’m SO EXCITED TO TRY YOUR LASAGNA RECIPE WITH THESE!! That was my son’s favorite pre-diagnosis meal, and I’d pretty much written it off, but yours with the parm and ricotta subs looks amazing! Thank you for taking the time to share your recipes, I would be one lost mama without blogs like yours! 🙂 -Erin

    • Hi Erin!

      Yeah, it must be the duck eggs, because when I make them they are drier and not pancake-like. Maybe you could try adding more flour??? Also, I have an egg-free version of this recipe on my blog – you can search for it in the side-bar 🙂 I hope this helps!

      We love that lasagna and I’m excited for you to try it too! Please come back and let me know what you think!!!


  25. Natalie

    Oh My Gosh! I have recently gone wheat and grain free, and was missing bread. I don’t eat bread very often, but it’s nice to have a wrap or tortilla every now and then. These are AMAZING and perfect! They were sooooo easy to make, and made a fantastic BLT. I now have my tortilla/wrap recipe!
    Thank you.

  26. diana

    I have a request. I am currently on the SCD diet. I have found out that I am allergic to eggs and dairy, which makes baking SCD loaf bread and flat bread difficult. I was wondering if you can try to make an SCD bread or wrap without eggs and dairy. It would mean so much to me and other SCDers who suffer from the same allergies. Please let me know if you have any advice.

    Thank you in advance

  27. Julie

    This recipe sounds amazing! On the milk, is it canned coconut milk or Almond or coconut milk in the refrigerator section? Have a great trip!

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