Whole30 Meal Plan 1-18-17

whole30 meal plan


Today I’m on day 18 of my Whole30, and while it definitely hasn’t been perfect, I’m still going and adjusting. I’m used to not eating much during the day then eating a big dinner and snacking in the evenings. So adjusting to eating 3 big meals a day (4 on the days I workout – as suggested) with little to no snacking is quite an adjustment. Even though I’m not hungry, nighttime is still my hardest time for craving sweets – or just wanting to eat in general – but in the past day or two it’s finally starting to get better. This week I have 4 new recipes that I’ve never tried but they look great, I hope they are!!! And if you’re still wanting even more Whole30 recipes you should check out my Whole30 pinterest board – I’ve been pinning like crazy!

If you’re new to my meal plans– We have wings every week. They are super easy to make after getting groceries and my family loves them. Also, this is my actual meal plan. I know you don’t have the same schedule as me so you probably can’t follow it exactly but I hope it at least helps you in your meal planning and introduces some new recipes :)

*I have never made this recipe
**I have made this recipe and love it


Wednesday-* Wings (omit BBQ Sauce or use my Whole30 Recipe)  With Homemade Ranch and Veggies

Thursday*- Wedge Taco Salad with leftover Ranch Dressing and Guacamole– omit beans and sugar. If you’re not on the Whole30 you can make tacos using my Paleo Tortilla Recipe 🙂

Friday**- Stuffed Buffalo Ranch Peppers with side salad- use leftover guacamole and ranch dressing from the day before

Saturday*- Pork Medallions With Marsala Sauce and roasted red potatoes

Sunday**- Slow Cooker Pulled Pork Carnitas – I’m going to add some garlic, just ’cause I think garlic is good in all food!

Monday**- Apple Cider Vinegar Pork Chops With Roasted Sweet Potatoes and Apples* (place chopped apples and sweet potatoes on a rimmed cookie sheet. Season with healthy oil, salt, pepper, and rosemary. Bake at 425 for 35 minutes, or until tender – full recipe to come soon)

Tuesday**- Chicken Club Avocado Boats


Lunches And Extras

Chicken Ranch Taco Salad – Omit corn and sugar. Use ghee instead of butter

Ultimate Green Breakfast Smoothie- Not recommended on Whole30 but allowed. All of us drink a small amount every morning with breakfast – I add all kinds of powders, vitamin/mineral drops, etc… to start our day off right.

Banana Protein Chia Pudding- Recipe to come soon.

Compliant deli meat and mustard wrapped in lettuce.

Compliant Lara Bars (Aldi’s has an off brand for a lot cheaper!)

Homemade Mayo for the Ranch Dressing. Set some aside for the chicken club avocado boats on Tuesday (FYI- I’m working on a Whole30, egg free ranch dressing so stay tuned!!!)


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