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Gluten Free & Paleo Meal Plan 3-1-2017

meal plan

I’m SO excited because my super awesome hubby bought and installed a new dishwasher for me this weekend!


 BTW- After my dad retired this past year he started doing remodeling jobs and the first job he did was my kitchen – he did so great and it’s exactly what I wanted! Sometime soon I will give you a full kitchen tour and post before and after photos :)

I would like to think that he loves me so much he didn’t want me to go without a dishwasher any longer since I cook so much, but really I think it might be that I’m a terrible dishwasher and all our dishes still seemed dirty and greasy even after I washed them. I could live with it because I knew they were clean but those kinds of things really bother my hubby. But for whatever the reason, I now have a shiny new dishwasher, I’m super happy, and my dishes have never been more sparkly :)

Last weeks meal plan seemed to be more work than I intended so this week I’m going to really try and keep it simple and make lots of healing, nourishing foods since I was sick last week, Lance is sick now, and I have a feeling the others will get it soon.

Also, this week I’m implementing a new section called school lunches! While I always have dinners planned, I really struggle with school lunches – especially since we are trying to eat only real, nourishing foods and eliminate eggs, it really limits what I can send! I figure if I have a plan it will make it easier :) So here it is:

*I have made and love this recipe
**This is a new recipe


Wednesday*- Hot Wings with Homemade Ranch Dressing or Egg-Free Ranch with veggies

Thursday**Tortilla-less soup

Friday*- Fish Tacos – either lettuce wrapped or with Paleo Tortillas

Saturday**General Tso’s Chicken – this is from last week, I never got around to making it.

Sunday*- The Perfect Burger, lettuce wrapped or with Paleo Buns, and Boulder Canyon Coconut Oil Chips (double recipe for lunch the next day)

Monday*- Spaghetti with gluten free noodles or Spaghetti Squash

Tuesday**- Thai Beef Lettuce Wraps


SCHOOL LUNCHES (main dish only):

Thursday- Salad with leftover wings and ranch dressing from the night before

Friday- Almond flour crackers with nitrate free turkey and pepperonis

Monday- Burgers from the night before

Tuesday- Salad with balsamic vinaigrette dressing and cooked chicken (from the EXTRAS section below)

Wednesday- Leftover Thai Lettuce Wraps



*Shredded Chicken and Bone Broth I’m going to make bone broth for the soup on Thursday and use the chicken for salads throughout the week.

*AIP (autoimmune protocol, basically means Paleo with no nuts or eggs) Chocolate Chip Cookies

**3 Ingredient Amazeballs

*Ranger Breakfast Cookies (going to try using a “flax egg”)






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  1. Regena Mcnatt says:

    Kitchen looks amazing!! I’m making the soup tonight.

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