Weekly Meal Plan 3-22-2017

Hi there! This week we’ve had some family stuff going on so I haven’t been in the kitchen doing much cooking. I still have the ingredients for several dinners and snacks in my fridge that I had planned to make at the beginning of the week but didn’t get a chance to, so this weeks meal plan will be very similar to last weeks. Here it is:

*I have made this recipe and love it.

**This is a new recipe I have never tried.


Wednesday-* Wings with Homemade Ranch and Veggies

Thursday-*  Paleo Chicken Strips (double recipe for leftovers to eat at lunch) With Green Beans and Roasted New Potatoes

Friday-**  Chow Mein With Zucchini Noodles and added chicken

Saturday-** Slow Cooker Gumbo

Sunday- Pizza! I’m about ready to share my new crust recipe with you, but in the meantime I love THIS recipe.

Monday- Bacon Wrapped Meatloaf – This is Lance’s absolute favorite. He asks if I can make this almost every single day!

Tuesday- One Pan Chicken Dinner – We don’t like brussel sprouts so I’m going add extra sweet potatoes.


School Lunches:

Thursday– Salad with leftover wings and ranch dressing

Friday- Leftover chicken strips

Monday- Leftover pizza

Tuesday- Leftover meatloaf

Wednesday- Lettuce wrapped BLT sandwiches – I keep promising to post how I do this, but something has always come up and I’ve never even made them so I could take pictures. Hopefully this week I’ll actually make them and share it with you!


Snacks & Extras:

No-Bake Pecan Snowballs

Easy Chocolate Pudding

Ultimate Breakfast Smoothie

Lots of fruit and non-dairy yogurt

Cultured Sour Cream to eat with coconut oil chips and use in ranch dressing

Banana Chia Seed Pudding


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