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The Dreaded Vaccine Dilemma


While I definitely don’t want to start a vaccine debate, vaccine’s are a hot topic these days.  The medical community insists that vaccines are safe and they have been credited for eradicating terrible diseases. However, in recent years people have become concerned about vaccine safety – from injuries and toxicity to vaccines triggering autism, auto-immune diseases and more.

With viable arguments on both sides, it seems that parents are caught in the middle trying to make the best decision for their families. Either way they decide there seems to be backlash.

I personally got my children vaccinated when they were young but have been putting off getting their most recent vaccinations simply because I worry about making the wrong decision. While I see the benefit of vaccinations, I really worry about the mercury, formaldehyde, and overloading my kids immune systems – especially since we have such a strong family history of auto-immune problems, several people in my family – including myself – have had a bad reaction to an immunization, and Lance already has so many health issues.

For all you mamma’s (and daddy’s) out there in the same position as me, I’m excited to tell you that there is a new documentary mini-series called The Truth About Vaccines and I can’t wait to see it! It’s a 7 part series from the same people who made “The Truth About Cancer” series and they will interview 60 of the top vaccine experts in the world to take an honest look at both sides of the debate. I am really looking forward to watching it. And did I mention it was FREE? If you want to join me it starts April 12th and you can register below:

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