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There are many restaurants that now offer a gluten free menu, but there are also many that have no gfcf friendly options. I will try to keep this post as up-to-date as possible. If you have any restaurants or information you would like me to add, please leave a comment below.

One reason many restaurants are not gfcf friendly is because of cross-contamination. For example: a restaurant may fry glutenous chicken nuggets in a batch of oil, then turn around and fry their fries in the same oil, thereby contaminating the would-be gluten free fries. Usually at a fast food restaurant that is not cross-contaminated I order my son a hamburger kids meal, no bun, with french fries. It’s not the healthiest but hey, we don’t eat out that often.

*Click on the title to be taken to that restaurants allergen information.



Pretty much everything, even the fries, grilled chicken, everything…contains wheat.

Burger King

They have their own fryer for french fries and their patties/grilled chicken do not contain wheat.


Chick-Fil-A has a very good gluten free selection, you just have to be careful about dairy. The french fries are fine, and as far as I can tell their plain grilled chicken patties are fine as well.

Carl’s Jr.

The natural cut fries are gfcf friendly but the criss cut fries contain wheat.


Their tots and fries do not contain gluten but they have a disclaimer at the bottom of their page saying, “Fried items are not always fried in designated stations. Fryer oil may come into contact with items containing milk, egg, fish, soy and wheat.” Also, we have tried to get my son a hot dog with no bun but they’ve told us they are required to serve their hot dogs on a bun. They will, however serve us a hamburger patty with no bun and ketchup.


They have a wonderful gluten free menu. Also, everything is made to order so you can request that your food is not prepared in butter. Click here for a link to their items that contain dairy.

Taco Bell

Do not go to Taco Bell!!!

Olive Garden 

Surprisingly, Olive Garden has a small gluten-free menu! But I was not able to find out about the dairy. Maybe they’re like Outback and everything is made to order so you could request no dairy???


Their fries do not contain gluten but had the following disclaimer about them – French Fries are prepared where gluten is present, and therefore may contain traces of this substance. The above link takes you to their site listing foods with gluten. Click here to go to the page listing their foods with casein.–Their scrambled eggs contain milk.


Chilis has plenty of options that are gfcf friendly.


While they have many gfcf options they had the following disclaimer: We are unable to guarantee that any menu item can be completely free of allergens.

Taco Mayo & Taco Bueno

They don’t have their allergen information posted on-line, but a nice reader commented below that they have gluten free options! Please see Brittney’s comment below on what’s GF 🙂

Steak N Shake

They say they cannot guarantee anything is allergen free, but maybe you could eat a plain hot dog with oranges or fries on the kids meal???

Maggiano’s Little Italy

I couldn’t find any allergen information on their website, but many thanks to Peyton-Leigh for leaving a comment letting us know they have gluten free pasta!

Red Robin

Red Robin offers a GF menu and you can request information regarding other allergens such as milk.

Rodney’s Pizza in Purcell, OK

I couldn’t find their allergen info, but they offer a GF pizza crust. We order a GF supreme pizza with no cheese.

Old Spaghetti Factory

Has a nice gluten free menu, but you may need to watch out for the dairy. Thanks Jenna!


Wendys has a few gfcf options. It looks like the fries are fried different at each location so you’ll have to ask if they are cross-contaminated. The hamburger patties and chicken and even the mayo contain no dairy or wheat.


Mazzios now offers a gluten free pizza crust! They will make your pizza without cheese (even though they will probably look at you funny!) if you ask. And make sure all the topping are gluten and casein free.

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  1. We just went to the Cheese cake Factory. It was such a great experience. The chef came to our table and he made my dinner himself, making it just the way I needed it. They said that they were introducing a new GF menu in a month or so.

  2. Cassidy

    Hi anonymous-
    I just updated my list to include Wendys! If you click on the restaurant name it will take you their site with their allergen info.


  3. Amanda

    Good to know about Taco Bell!!! And I thought that would be the safest of fast food. Good thing I stopped eating fast food a while back. Thank you for all this information!!!

  4. As an FYI for Maggiano’s, they do offer a gluten free pasta however, the chef advised my friend (who is gluten & dairy intolerant) that they add butter to their marinara sauce to “give it shine.”

  5. michele

    i just went to Mellow Mushroom in Charlottes Va and the have a GF & Dairy free pizzas! I was thrilled to see this as I crave pizza and was disappointed to give it up. Now I do not have to.

  6. Samantha

    Steak and shake is a huge no, everything is fried at the same location. Onion rings, fries, cheese sticks, everything. Do not risk. Even their shakes, sadly.

  7. Brittney

    Ive done research on Taco Mayo, and there are plenty of gluten free items:

    Taco Tostada
    Refried Beans
    Mexicali Rice
    Guac and Chips
    Tortilla Chips
    Fresh Made Salsa
    Potato Locos
    Taco Salad (no bowl, on platter)
    Steak Salad (no bowl, on platter)

    Cant be sure of cross contamination, im sure.

    • Cassidy

      Thank you so much for sharing this!!! I hadn’t been able to find much on Taco Mayo, I will update my page!


      • Hi Gaby, I don’t know if the the tortillas are ok or not? I’ve never heard of corn tortillas having gluten unless they are fried on the same pan as flour tortillas. Sorry, I just don’t know!


        • Hi Sheila, I just don’t know. Most chips are gluten free, the only problem would be if they also fry other foods with gluten in the same oil which would cross-contaminate the chips. I frequently ask the staff at restaurant if the chips have a dedicated fryer and they are super helpful and friendly. And sometimes the same chain of restaurants will sometimes have a dedicated fryer while other will not, that’s why I usually ask. Hope this helps!!!

  8. hpotter

    You might be interested in – great if your traveling looking for a place that is ‘safe’ to eat.
    This is our personal experience I hope it helps…
    Chipotle Mexican Grill is great – no hidden dairy, just the obvious cheese and sour cream. The rice is awesome. They’re chips are GF.
    We had a terrible experience at Applebee’s and will not risk going back. My son’s grilled chicken breast and steamed broccoli was exposed to gluten.
    Moe’s has hidden gluten and dairy. GF Chips are not made in their own frier. Beef seasoning has dairy in it.
    We have success at Outback – tell them the allergies… so they know to skip the seasoning on the veggies which has butter in it. You want just plain steamed.
    Chick-Fil-A – grilled chicken breast, grilled chicken nuggets, fruit salad side option, fries made in their own oil so no cross contamination. If you order GF they ask preference of allergy.
    Panera Bread – has an off the menu (see their facebook page) protein bowl. Veggies, hummus, grilled chicken. Kinda risky at a bread based restaurant so they will never market it as GF.

  9. Joan

    This blog is a Godsend!!! We have a 19 month old with severe eczema from allergies to gluten, nuts, dairy and egg white. I’m in the process of overhauling all of our fav deserts (including Key Lime Pie!) to make them “Olivia Friendly”. Thank you for this wonderful information! Cannot wait to try some of these recipes!!

  10. Corey

    Blaze pizza has an awesome GF pizza crust you pick your toppings and they load it for you then cooks it fresh. I eat here pretty regular. I have been Gluten sensitive for about 6 years.
    Oklahoma City
    2410 W. Memorial Rd.
    Oklahoma City, OK 73134

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