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Orange Pineapple Coconut Smoothie {Dairy And Refined Sugar Free}

pineapple coconut smoothie

We have a Frullati Cafe & Bakery at a local mall and I absolutely love their smoothies! My favorite is their orange pineapple coconut smoothie. I’ve been trying to replicate it for some time now but all the recipes I’ve tried just seem bland compared to the one from Frullati. But after making this Orange […]

Peanut Butter Cups

pb cups

My family loves these! My little boy keeps asking for more cups — for awhile I didn’t understand what he was talking about but then I explained that they’re called peanut butter cups. He still calls them cups but I’m just glad now I know what he’s talking about and that he likes them The taste […]

Cream Cheese Frosting – Dairy, Soy, & Refined Sugar Free

cream cheese frosting

~UPDATE~ -Please see my updated easy cream cheese frosting recipe. It has the same taste and ingredients but uses an easier method and the texture is spot on every time!!!! Yeeeaahhh! I’ve been looking and experimenting forever trying to find a thick cream cheese frosting recipe that isn’t packed with powdered sugar, and I finally […]

Super Easy Dairy Free Key Lime Pie

cool whip and key lime pie 004

    Strict Key Lime Pie lovers: Do not read any further. For everyone else: Let’s make a Key Lime Pie using regular limes! I couldn’t find key limes but I am still calling this a Key Lime Pie. It’s delicious and it tastes like a Key Lime Pie to me. I have to say […]

Oatmeal Raisin Cookies

oatmeal raisin cookies 009

These oatmeal raisin cookies got 2 thumbs up from everyone who tried them. But be warned because they’re addictive. We just kept eating, and eating, and eating them! I took these to a friends house and we gobbled up all but 2 of these pretty little cookies in one night! And the 2 remaining cookies […]

Chocolate Chip Cookie Sandwiches

*See also my palm sugar sweetened chocolate chip cookies These chocolate chip cookies are gluten, dairy, soy, and sugar free — but they are oh so good! What surprised me most about these chocolate chip cookies were how soft, light, and tender they turned out. Not even to mention the taste. They tasted like they […]

White Fluffy Frosting – Dairy, Soy, And Refined Sugar Free!!!

white frosting

Kids (and adults) love this recipe because it tastes like marshmallow cream. Yes, marshmallow cream! It’s easy to make, has a great shine, and holds it’s shape well. Perfect on top of a chocolate cake,  between two cookies, or even injected into the middle of cupcakes for a sweet filling- like a Hostess cupcake!!! I […]

Dairy Free Key Lime Pie

key lime pie

  Coming up with a dairy free key lime pie recipe was much harder than I thought. After all, the only thing that needed to be changed was the sweetened condensed milk. But no matter what I did, I couldn’t get the recipe to work. That’s when I had a idea–lemon bars! Lemon bars??? How […]

Coconut Chicken Salad With Sweet Honey Mustard Dressing {Paleo}

coconut chicken salad

I got this idea from a little cafe/bakery here in Purcell, OK called Janet’s Eats And Sweets. They have a coconut chicken salad special every other Wednesday and it’s to die for. I’ve been trying to replicate their salad (gluten and dairy free, of coarse) for about a year now and I finally did it! I’m pretty […]

Cinnamon Scones

cinnamon scones

Ever since I saw The Pioneer Woman’s Sweet Cinnamon Scones, I’ve been dying to make a gluten and dairy free version. It just so happens that when I went into the kitchen to make these scones I was out of sugar, so I made a gluten, dairy, and sugar free version. — I know. I […]

Dairy Free Chocolate Truffles

truffles 008

When my husband tasted these he said, “Wow, some people would really like these!” While he liked them, the truffles were a little bit rich for his taste, but me and my daughter Ava couldn’t be happier. They have a rich milk chocolaty center with a chocolate coating then rolled in a topping of your […]