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Chicken Taco Salad

*To make this dinner grain free, replace the butter with oil of choice and omit the corn and corn chips. This is my chicken ranch taco recipe that I  morphed into a salad because I didn’t want to heat up tortillas. What can I say, we’ve been having so much fun this summer I haven’t spent a […]

Chicken Salad Sandwiches

There’s an awesome little cafe in Moore, OK called Two Olives and they have the best chicken salad sandwiches! This is my version of their chicken salad recipe but it’s allergy friendly so my whole family can enjoy it. But that doesn’t mean it’s lacking in taste! I left some of my chicken salad at my parents […]

Mom’s Chicken Salad Sandwich Recipe

This is my mom’s chicken salad recipe that I’ve been eating since I was a little kid. I just made a few adjustments so it would be dairy free and ever so slightly adjusted the seasonings. Thanks Mom! *Veganaise contains a small amount of soy. If you are soy free you may want to try […]