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Chicken Enchiladas

Before proceeding, just know that if you’re looking for an innovative gourmet recipe… just go ahead and skip over this. If you’re looking for something super easy to have on the table in less that 15 minutes, this is the recipe for you. The only thing remotely complicated about this recipe is the cream cheese. […]

Mom’s Chicken Salad Sandwich Recipe

This is my mom’s chicken salad recipe that I’ve been eating since I was a little kid. I just made a few adjustments so it would be dairy free and ever so slightly adjusted the seasonings. Thanks Mom! *Veganaise contains a small amount of soy. If you are soy free you may want to try […]

Creamy Pesto Pasta

Now that it’s summer, here’s an easy pasta idea to use up all that yummy, delicious basil that’s growing like crazy this time of year. Enjoy! *Here’s the link to my Parmesan cheese recipe! Creamy Pesto Pasta   Print Ingredients gluten and dairy free cooking spray 2 large boneless, skinless chicken breasts salt and pepper ¼ C Italian […]

Coconut Chicken Salad With Sweet Honey Mustard Dressing {Paleo}

I got this idea from a little cafe/bakery here in Purcell, OK called Janet’s Eats And Sweets. They have a coconut chicken salad special every other Wednesday and it’s to die for. I’ve been trying to replicate their salad (gluten and dairy free, of coarse) for about a year now and I finally did it! I’m pretty […]

Gluten Free Chicken And Dumplings {Crock Pot}

Chicken and dumplings-the perfect comfort food. Believe it or not this was the first time I’ve ever attempted chicken and dumplings. It is definitely a rare occurrence that I post a recipe the first time I make it, as I usually make a recipe on average of three to five times before I post it. But I […]

Gluten Free Breadcrumb Baked Chicken

This recipe got a great big thumbs up from my whole family. The original recipe, which I got from a family friend, called for a sleeve of crushed supreme club crackers. Instead of the crackers, I just used gluten free Panko Bread Crumbs and adjusted the seasonings. I used chicken tenders, but you could also […]

Easy Chicken Chili

This recipe was inspired by my friend Phylicitee. Her and her family had us over for dinner last week and this was what she made – Chicken Chili. It was so perfect I just knew I wanted to make it. She said that she put all of her ingredients in a crock pot, laid the […]

Chicken Pazoli

When I first told my husband we were having Chicken Pazoli for dinner and he figured out it was soup, I have to say he was disappointed. “Soup won’t fill me up for dinner,” he said. Even my kids didn’t want soup. But I have to say that after we started eating everyone was very happy. […]

Gluten Free Chicken Strips With Honey Mustard Dip

So, I don’t usually like to eat or feed my family fried foods but you gotta have chicken strips every now and then right? Especially the kids. You’re not a kid unless you eat chicken strips. Besides, it’s not like we can go to the drive thru or a restaurant and order the kids chicken […]

Love, Cassidy