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Winter Recipe Roundup – Dessert Edition {Gluten Free & Paleo}


  It’s so cold outside now all I want to do is stay home and bake, especially since I’ve been seeing so many amazing looking cookie and cake recipes everywhere!  So I thought I would share some of my favorite cold weather dessert recipes with you today! I made the pumpkin pie last week, the […]

16 Favorite Fall Treats {Paleo}

fall recipes

I haven’t done hardly any baking over the summer, but fall is in the air and I’m getting the itch to have the oven fill my house with the warm spices of fall! If you want some ideas of what to make, here are some of my favorites:   Pumpkin Muffins With “Cream Cheese” Frosting – […]

Ranger Breakfast Cookies {Paleo & Nut Free}


I’m not sure if I can call these ranger cookies after changing the original recipe my mother-in-law gave me to be Paleo and nut free, they are a far cry from the original! The recipe she gave me called for sugar, white flour, cornflakes, coconut, dried fruit, oatmeal, pecans, and more! Oh well, that’s what […]

No-Bake Cookie Dough Bites {Paleo} + 25 Spring & Summer Recipes!


  I don’t know about you, but I LOVE cookie dough! These bite-sized treats are super easy and will cure any cookie dough craving in a hurry! Not only do these taste indulgent and delicious, but you can sit down in front of the TV with this cookie dough without all the guilt because they […]

Coconut Cookie Bars AKA Magic Bars or Hello Dollies {Grain And Dairy Free}

coconut cookie bars

  *This is a re-post but the recipe is slightly updated. Does anyone else call these Hello Dollies??? I think most people call them Magic Bars but when we were growing up, cookie dough layered with coconut, chocolate, and nuts were known as Hello Dollies – SO YUMMY In my grain and dairy free version […]

Soft Pumpkin Cookies {Grain Free & Vegan}

pumpkin cookies revised

Some of you might recognize this recipe because Tessa from Tessa Domestic Diva posted a very similar recipe a few weeks ago. It looked so delicious I just knew I had to make a grain free version! It’s really hard to make a grain free recipe that doesn’t contain eggs. On my first attempt I simply […]

No Bake Cookies {Grain Free}

grain free no bake cookies

No bake cookies are my go-to recipe when I want something that’s easy, rich, and very chocolate-y.  When I have a long day, a dirty house, and am just flat exhausted I always tend to make no bake cookies and then end up on the couch licking the pan while I watch TV! Pretty much […]

Double Chocolate Chip Cookies

double chocolate chip cookies

I’ve been on some kind of crazy chocolate kick lately and I really, really wanted some double chocolate chip cookies.  I’ve seen several recipes lately for brownie cookies so that gave me the idea to just use my paleo brownie recipe as a base… and as a base I mean they are almost the exact same recipe! I […]

Glazed Rolled-Out Sugar Cookies + Snicker-doodle Recipe {Honey Sweetened, Grain/Dairy/Soy Free}

sugar cookies

Much like my chocolate cupcakes that needed revised, when I originally set out to make my sugar cookies I realized they were full of white sugar… which I no longer cook with.  I needed to update another one of my recipes. I actually decided to adapt these cookies based on my chocolate chip cookie recipe just ’cause […]

No-Bake Cookies

no bake cookies 012

I know it’s been a few weeks since my last recipe, but I have quite an exciting week ahead (food-wise anyways). A few recipes I’ve been working on and plan on posting in the very near future include: easy peasy dairy free nut free sour cream, chocolate molten cakes, and a chocolate cappuccino cake (that […]

Soft Iced Rolled-Out Sugar Cookies {Revised}

sugar cookies

It’s hard to tell, but those little tiny “things” in the icing are actually clear sprinkles. Everything is white/clear because we don’t eat food coloring. **See also my grain free honey sweetened glazed sugar cookies These sugar cookies remind me of the ones you can buy at almost any grocery store. You know the ones. […]

Palm Sugar Sweetened Chocolate Chip Cookies

choc chip cookies

I have to say that these are my favorite cookies so far! They are soft, chewy, chocolaty, and so delicious! They kind of remind me of a chewy Nabisco cookie, but softer and with more flavor.They are also way more nutritious! Made with heart-healthy almond flour and sweetened with palm sugar, this is a treat […]

Oatmeal Raisin Cookies

oatmeal raisin cookies 009

These oatmeal raisin cookies got 2 thumbs up from everyone who tried them. But be warned because they’re addictive. We just kept eating, and eating, and eating them! I took these to a friends house and we gobbled up all but 2 of these pretty little cookies in one night! And the 2 remaining cookies […]

Coconut Cookie Bars AKA Magic Cookie Bars or Hello Dollies {Grain, Dairy, Refined Sugar Free}

coconut cookie bars

These sweet little treats remind me of a Hello Dolly. Does anyone remember those??? I remember them as being sweet and full of coconut and chocolate-what’s better than that? In my gluten and dairy free version I use my cookie dough recipe as the crust and make my own sweetened condensed milk by combining almond […]

Chocolate Chip Cookie Sandwiches

*See also my palm sugar sweetened chocolate chip cookies These chocolate chip cookies are gluten, dairy, soy, and sugar free — but they are oh so good! What surprised me most about these chocolate chip cookies were how soft, light, and tender they turned out. Not even to mention the taste. They tasted like they […]