Simple, Classic Chili {Paleo & Whole30}


    This is my mom’s classic chili recipe that I’ve eaten since I was a little girl and now that I’m grown with a family of my own, it’s the recipe I make for them too. It’s easy, filling, and comforting when its cold outside.  I hope it becomes a staple in your family like […]

Sweet Potato Casserole {Paleo & Egg Free}

sweet potato casserole1

  At first glance you may be thinking, “This is not a Paleo recipe, it has marshmallows on top!” ….But wait! I have you covered While you are right, I used traditional marshmallows for the picture above, my blogger friend Megan over at Allergy Free Alaska recently posted an amazing looking  marshmallow recipe that’s corn free […]

Homemade Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough Lara Bars

lara bar

  Welp, here’s another copycat recipe! I get addicted to gluten free bars and then I start thinking “I could make this and save some money!” That’s especially true with Lara Bars because at my local health food store they’re $1.49 a pop!!! One of the things I like about Lara Bars is the ingredient […]

Ultimate Grain Free Brownies


*While I still like these brownies, HERE is my updated dense and fudgy brownie recipe that I make all the time and is my new favorite. I certainly have nothing against buying a gluten free brownie mix from Wal-Mart, but I wanted a brownie recipe that was just as easy and tasty using ingredients that […]

Super Easy Dairy Free Key Lime Pie

cool whip and key lime pie 004

    Strict Key Lime Pie lovers: Do not read any further. For everyone else: Let’s make a Key Lime Pie using regular limes! I couldn’t find key limes but I am still calling this a Key Lime Pie. It’s delicious and it tastes like a Key Lime Pie to me. I have to say […]

Parmesan Cheese

parm. cheese

Even though I haven’t come up with a decent mozzarella or cheddar cheese recipe, all of my experimenting and learning about the different flavor profiles and taste components of cheese did pay off. It led me to this easy and tasty Parmesan cheese recipe. *Helpful Hints (I think this is going to become a permanent feature!) […]

How To Make A Perfect Grain Free Pie Crust! {Paleo With A Egg Free Option}

pie crust

In an effort to reduce the amount of corn in my sons diet, I went searching for another gluten free pie crust b/c the one I usually use has cornmeal in it. In the process, I came up with something amazing. This recipe is by far the best gluten free pie crust I have ever […]

Gluten Free Chimichangas

chimichangas 045

This is my mom’s classic chimichanga recipe. She is serious about her chimichangas and these are the real deal. The meat is the exact same recipe as hers (which by the way is wonderful), and the only changes I made were to leave off the cheese and make my own gluten free tortillas. Once you […]