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Weekly Gluten Free Meal Plan 4-19-2017

I will keep things short and sweet today because I woke up this morning with an ear ache and dizziness so I’m having some trouble concentrating- ugh! I know it’s from my allergies since they’ve been so bad this season, so I put some Basil and Melaleuca essential oil on a cotton ball to put […]

Weekly Gluten Free Meal Plan 3-5-2017

Dinners: Wednesday- Wings With Homemade Ranch and Veggies Thursday- Shredded Beef Tacos {Crock Pot} With Cassava Flour Tortillas or Almond Flour Tortillas Friday- Spaghetti & Meatballs – This is from last week, I never got around to making it. Saturday- Honey Lemon Chicken With Steamed Broccoli – Use tapioca or arrowroot instead of cornstarch and coconut aminos instead of […]

Weekly Meal Plan 3-22-2017

Hi there! This week we’ve had some family stuff going on so I haven’t been in the kitchen doing much cooking. I still have the ingredients for several dinners and snacks in my fridge that I had planned to make at the beginning of the week but didn’t get a chance to, so this weeks […]

Whole30 Meal Plan 1-25-17

  This is my last Whole30 meal plan – I can’t believe I’ve made it this far! If you notice on this weeks meal plan I have pork carnitas again. We ended up going out on Sunday so I never made them. Then 2 days later on Saturday we are having Shredded Beef Tacos. I […]

Grain & Dairy Free Weekly Meal Plan – December 31st

  I spend a lot of time each week planning our meals, so I decided to go ahead and publish my weekly meal plans for those of you who are interested.  While we do not eat Grain Free 100% of the time, when I plan and prepare meals I prefer them to be Grain Free […]

Love, Cassidy