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Glazed Rolled-Out Sugar Cookies + Snicker-doodle Recipe {Honey Sweetened, Grain/Dairy/Soy Free}

Much like my chocolate cupcakes that needed revised, when I originally set out to make my sugar cookies I realized they were full of white sugar… which I no longer cook with.  I needed to update another one of my recipes. I actually decided to adapt these cookies based on my chocolate chip cookie recipe just ’cause […]

Soft Iced Rolled-Out Sugar Cookies {Revised}

It’s hard to tell, but those little tiny “things” in the icing are actually clear sprinkles. Everything is white/clear because we don’t eat food coloring. **See also my grain free honey sweetened glazed sugar cookies These sugar cookies remind me of the ones you can buy at almost any grocery store. You know the ones. […]