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Gluten Free Wednesdays – Lemon Pie Ice Cream, Paleo Breads, Cakes, And More!!!

I hope everyone is doing well! We had a pretty scary day yesterday dodging tornado’s but are all fine. As a reminder, this is the last carnival before we take a summer break. I will miss it but a summer break will be nice 🙂 What Is Gluten Free Wednesdays? When your diet is restricted, […]

Paleo Lemon Bars

Admittedly, when choosing a dessert I usually pick something that’s super rich & chocolate-y. However, lately I’ve been craving something a little lighter and more spring-like so I decided to try my hand at lemon bars! The filling was super easy but the crust on the other hand, well… that’s another story. I had some […]

Love, Cassidy