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Cilantro Lime Chicken With Avocado And Tomato Salsa

Cilantro Lime Chicken

This dish is not only super easy, but it turns out juicy and flavorful every time! This chicken is anything but boring and is perfect to make this time of year since you can find lots of fresh, homegrown tomatoes! Start by marinating the chicken for at least 30 minutes. The marinade is super easy: […]

Chicken Taco Salad

Chicken Taco Salad

*To make this dinner grain free, replace the butter with oil of choice and omit the corn and corn chips. This is my chicken ranch taco recipe that I  morphed into a salad because I didn’t want to heat up tortillas. What can I say, we’ve been having so much fun this summer I haven’t spent a […]

Shredded Beef Tacos {Crock Pot}

shredded beef tacos

My mom gave me this recipe when my husband and I got married over 10 years ago! She made massive quantities of this and served this at our wedding shower. I have no idea why it’s taken me so long to post because it’s one of the best recipes I’ve ever come into contact with. […]

Creamy & Rich Hot Chocolate {Vegan}

hot chocolate

It’s been surprisingly warm here in Oklahoma, but last week we had a cold day so I made me and the kids hot chocolate after school. I forgot how much we love hot chocolate! To make my hot chocolate extra creamy I add 1/2 cup full fat canned coconut milk, it makes it super thick […]

Grilled Chicken Southwest Salad With Chipotle Dressing {Gluten & Dairy Free}


Despite the long ingredient list, this salad is pretty easy. I like to put the chicken in the fridge to marinade in the morning, then when it comes time for dinner I can whip it up in no time! I like this salad because it’s full of flavor and very filling, but at the same […]

Chicken Ranch Tacos

chicken ranch tacos

My family gobbled these tacos down as if none of us had ever eaten before. We ate every last piece of chicken… next time I will make 4 chicken breasts instead of 3! Granted, we had all been working and playing outside and were eating a little bit late, but I like to think we […]

Mexican Flatbread Pizza

mexican pizza

I am loving this flatbread recipe, there are just so many possibilities. My latest creation was this Mexican Flatbread Pizza. Topped with refried beans, taco meat, and pico de gallo, it’s delicious and easy. *Here is my Flatbread Recipe and Sour Cream Recipe Mexican Flatbread Pizza   Print Ingredients 1 Flatbread Recipe (See Link Above) 1 […]

Chicken Enchiladas


Before proceeding, just know that if you’re looking for an innovative gourmet recipe… just go ahead and skip over this. If you’re looking for something super easy to have on the table in less that 15 minutes, this is the recipe for you. The only thing remotely complicated about this recipe is the cream cheese. […]

Taco Soup (Gluten Free With Paleo & Whole30 Options)

taco soup 008

Well, we’re finally back from our ski vacation and we’re trying to get back into the swing of things. It was cold when we got home and I was tired, so I just ran to the store and got the ingredients for this simple taco soup recipe last night. I’ve never made taco soup because […]

Gluten Free Chimichangas

chimichangas 045

This is my mom’s classic chimichanga recipe. She is serious about her chimichangas and these are the real deal. The meat is the exact same recipe as hers (which by the way is wonderful), and the only changes I made were to leave off the cheese and make my own gluten free tortillas. Once you […]

Chicken Pazoli

When I first told my husband we were having Chicken Pazoli for dinner and he figured out it was soup, I have to say he was disappointed. “Soup won’t fill me up for dinner,” he said. Even my kids didn’t want soup. But I have to say that after we started eating everyone was very happy. […]

GFCF Beef and Bean Burritos

beef and bean burritos

This is another recipe adapted from thepioneerwoman.com-if you haven’t figured it out already, I absolutely lover her recipes. She has several gfcf friendly dinners that I frequently make. One of which is her cranberry pork loin if you want to check it out. I love this recipe because I can make it -start to finish- […]