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Southern Fried Okra {Gluten Free, Grain Free, Paleo}


  *This is an older post, but I made it again yesterday and it was so good that I decided to bring it back to the forefront I’m not big on frying foods, but when I get my hands on some fresh okra from the garden I just have to make a batch of southern […]

Honey Glazed Carrots {Dairy Free, Charlestons Copy Cat}


One of my favorite places to eat when my husband and I go on a date is a steak place called Charlestons. Every single time we go I order their honey glazed carrots ’cause they are to die for! I’m always trying to figure out what’s in them cause they have a very unique but […]

Fall & Winter Recipe Roundup #2 – Main Dishes And Sides

green bean casserole 021

Hi there, and welcome to my 2nd fall and winter recipe roundup! This time I’m featuring all of my favorite main dishes and sides – enjoy         Grain Free Comfort Meatballs With Mock Mashed Potatoes         Chicken Pot Pie         Perfect Pot Roast With Baked Potatoes […]

My Go-To Green Bean Recipe


In an effort to move away from canned foods I started buying fresh green beans! ~gasp~ I always thought canned was easier, faster, and tasted just as good. I was so wrong!!! I don’t know why in the world I’ve waited so long to make fresh green beans, they are soooo much better than canned […]

Sweet Potato Casserole

sweet pot. casserole

***CLICK HERE for my updated Sweet Potato Casserole*** We’ve been eating lots of sweet potatoes, we can’t get enough! So last night at dinner I decided to change it up a bit and make a sweet potato casserole. My family went bonkers over this casserole (anyone used to play the board game called Bonkers when […]

Summer Squash And Zucchini


I know the seasons are already turning, but this is one of my favorite sides to make in the summer. Not only is it delicious, but it’s also simple and healthy. I can prepare it in less than 5 minutes then it’s done in 15! My kind of recipe Summer Squash And Zucchini   Print […]

Traditional Deviled Eggs

deviled eggs

My husbands grandma makes the best deviled eggs in the world, so that’s who I naturally called when I was looking for a deviled egg recipe. She didn’t have an exact recipe because everything was to taste. She said to just add a little bit of this and a little bit of that. I had to […]

To Die For Crescent Rolls / Pigs In A Blanket

crescent rolls n pigs in blanket 013

After eating these my husband asked me twice if these were gluten free because they were so good! They are soft, tender, and the dough is surprisingly easy to deal with. I think it has something to do with the pectin that I added. After noticing that Better Batter contains pectin I decided to try […]

Creamy Vegan Mashed Potatoes

mashed potatoes

This is another recipe based off of The Pioneer Woman –  I absolutely love her. And let me tell you that these mashed potatoes are creamy, decadent, smooth, and are to die for! Every time I make these my family gets super excited and they are always a huge hit with company. And the nice thing […]

Southern Skillet Cornbread

southern skillet cornbread

The trick to this great tasting cornbread isn’t the ingredients but the cooking method using the cast iron skillet with the melted butter. It makes the cornbread crispy and moist! I’ve made this many times and it tastes just like the southern cornbread my granny used to make Southern Skillet Cornbread   Print Ingredients 1 […]

Yummy Green Bean Casserole (Paleo/Grain/Dairy Free)

green bean casserole

I love green bean casserole but when we started eating real food I knew I had to re-create it using real, pronounceable ingredients without gluten, grains, or dairy. And I was amazed to find out just how much TASTIER the homemade, no-can version tastes. My husband even said he cried a little bit when he […]

French Fried Onion Strings {Paleo/Gluten Free}

french fried onion strings

  They may not look it, but these onion strings are about the best thing in the world! Perfect for any side dish year around. Making fried onion strings is simple, but there are 3 crucial steps: 1) Slice the onions very thinly 2) You must soak them in my vegan buttermilk mixture at least […]