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Cinnamon Rolls {Paleo}

Cinnamon roll anyone??? Yes please!!! I’ve had the bug to make cinnamon rolls for several weeks now, but when my husband brought home a package of Braum’s cinnamon rolls -which by the way are aawwwesome – it sealed the deal. I turned to my trusty ‘ol cinnamon roll recipe that I always make but this […]

Sandwich Bread {Paleo, Gluten Free}

Since I cannot no longer eat store bought gluten free bread (I’m trying┬áto be grain free) I’ve started making my own bread again and we love it! My little girl even asks if she can have my bread for her sandwiches instead of “regular” bread. To achieve the soft moist texture that most gluten free […]

Revised Hamburger Buns {Grain, Yeast, & Xanthan Free}

**While I still like this recipe, I have a new Paleo hamburger bun recipe that I highly recommend and does not use psyllium husks. After extensively testing whole psyllium husks, I’ve found that breads that traditionally use yeast have a better texture using a different binder** When I make hamburger buns I always make them […]

Flatbread/Pizza Crust And Psyllium Husks???

I have a new obsession – flatbread! I’ve already made it twice this week. I made a flatbread pizza that I topped with marinara, roasted veggies, and chicken and the flatbread pictured above that I served with olive oil, balsamic vinegar, and Italian spices. And next I’m going to use it to make a Mexican […]

Gluten Free Cake-Like Doughnuts

Yeah, you read it right. Doughnuts! And they’re deeeeelicious! I decided to make doughnuts because my little boy, Lance, loves doughnuts. And when I say loves… I mean loves! Typically I try to use healthier gluten free flours such as almond or coconut flour and stay away from rice flour, but I made an exception […]