The Best Chocolate Cupcakes Ever!

Update– See my revised chocolate cupcake recipe that is sweetened with honey!
I saw a chocolate cupcake recipe at the joy of baking and thought cupcakes would be something fun for me and my kids to do together while we’re still stuck at home because we’re all a little bit sick. Ava loves to help bake. She likes to measure, stir, pour, everything. Lance not so much. He likes to do 2 things-crack the eggs and turn on my mixer as fast as it can go, and he did both. Unfortunately, the cupcakes didn’t turn out. They tasted good but were too wet. It was driving me crazy, I kept thinking-“They just need a little bit more flour and an egg to help hold them together.” Later, the kids went to visit great-grandma to get out of the house so I decided to make them again while they were gone and the cupcakes turned out perfect. Here’s my final recipe: …if only I would’ve had sprinkles, they would have been so pretty.
** See also my white fluffy frosting recipe to use as a sweet filling to make a Hostess-like cupcake!!! Yum!!!

1/2 C coconut flour, sifted

1/2 C cornstarch or arrowroot flour

1 t baking soda

1/2 t salt

1/2 tsp. cinnamon, heaping {updated ingredient}

1/2 t xanthan gum, optional

1/2 C cocoa

1 C water

5 eggs

1 Tbsp vanilla

2/3 C Earth Balance (vegan) butter

1 1/4 C sugar or sifted coconut palm sugar

1. Preheat oven to 350 375 degrees.
2. Bring the water to a boil. Stir in the cocoa until melted and set aside until it comes to room temperature.
3. Stir together the coconut flour, cornstarch, xanthan gum, salt, and soda. Mix together well. If you have a sifter go ahead and sift it to get out all the clumps. You don’t want to bite into your cupcake and get a clump of coconut flour. I don’t have a sifter so I used my hands to de-clump the flour the best I can.
4. Beat together the butter and sugar until it looks like the above picture.

5. Beat in the eggs, one at a time, then the vanilla. Scraping down the bowl as necessary.

6. Add the flour mixture and beat until incorporated. Again, you might need to scrape down the bowl.

7. Add in the cocoa mixture and beat until smooth. Batter will be thin.

8. Line a muffin tin with baking cups or spray generously with oil.

9. Fill each cup almost to the top and bake 16-20 minutes, or until a toothpick inserted in the middle of muffin comes out clean.

10. Allow to cool on a cooling rack (I don’t what’s going on with the lop-sided muffin on the right!), then dip in my dairy free chocolate ganache icing. Place on large plate and refrigerate until the ganache is set, 30 minutes to an hour.

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4 responses to “The Best Chocolate Cupcakes Ever!

  1. Jen

    Thanks for all of your incredible recipes. I’d like to try this, but wondered if they taste like coconut. Not sure if the kids will like if they can detect coconut. Thanks.

  2. Hi Jen-
    Coconut flour does have a very strong coconut taste. However, in this particular recipe I can’t taste any coconut flavor (that’s not to say that there’s absolutely none, I just don’t taste it). Hope this helps. Let me know what you think!

  3. Jen

    We tried it yesterday and not even a hint of coconut detected. Everyone loves them. This batch made 12 cupcakes with a little left for 2 small ramekins. I tried the chocolate ganache with regular almond milk and a broken up GF/DF chocolate bar and it seemed to work well enough to please the family, just a little thin.
    I do have a problem printing the recipes sometimes. The ingredients that you have hyperlinked occasionally don’t print. In this recipe, the xanthum gum did not print in the ingredient list, but I then saw it in the directions. Same thing happened with the pancake recipe for almond flour. Just an FYI. Thanks again for sharing your work with the rest of us (who can’t imagine creating a recipe!)

  4. Jen-
    Thanks I’m so glad you liked them! I’ve noticed the problem with some of the hyperlinked ingredients not printing too. I e-mailed Print Friendly about it and they told me what the problem was but I didn’t understand the explanation. They did say they would work on it though. I need to find another way to print my recipes but just have not done it yet.

    Thanks so much for your feedback!

    Much Love,

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