Top 10 Recipes Of 2014 {Gluten & Dairy Free}

Wow, I can’t believe it – my site was viewed over 380,000 times in 2014 – WHOA! And out of those views, these are the top ten most popular recipes. Surprisingly, some of them are not ones I would have expected!

Coming in at number 10 are my crock pot Shredded Beef Taco’s – this is my mom’s recipe, and it’s DE-lish!

shredded beef tacos


Number 9:  Grain Free Pop Tarts

pop tarts


Number 8: Ricotta Cheese {Dairy, Soy, & Nut Free} (I gotta get a better picture!)



Number 7: Buttermilk Biscuits



Number 6: Carrot Cake Cupcakes With Easy “Cream Cheese” Frosting {Paleo}

carrot cake cupcakes


Number 5, this one surprised me: Easy Peasy Sour Cream {Dairy, Nut, and Soy Free}:

sour cream


Number 4: Classic Chocolate Cake {Paleo & Nut Free}:

choc cake


Number 3: Grain Free Crepes or Tortillas



Number 2: Quick & Easy Paleo Hamburger Buns



And My Number 1 Recipe of 2014 is….. Paleo Sweet “Cornbread” Muffins!

cornbread muffins


this post is part of Fat Tuesday

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8 responses to “Top 10 Recipes Of 2014 {Gluten & Dairy Free}

  1. Becky

    Good job on the popularity of your blog! You deserve it! Your pie crust recipe is my go-to (the best!) and I can vouch for the awesomeness of those pop tarts. I haven’t tried any of the others on this list, but your blog is definitely one of my favorites. Thanks for all of your recipes!

  2. Charlotte Moore

    I can’t believe the cinnamon rolls didn’t make the top 10. They look soooo good. I really need to try these. We are not GF or have any food allergies. I do however cook some GF recipes for a couple people.

    • Yeah, I agree! I was really surprised the cinnamon rolls and the fudge didn’t make the list – but they were close! If I had did my top 10 based on comments, they would have made it though!


  3. Jeanie

    Congratulations on a very successful year. Your hard work paid off in how many people will benefit from your recipes. 2015 will be a very good year for you.

  4. A great collection, Cassidy! And congrats on the popularity of your blog — how exciting! It’s funny how often the recipes people like the most can be the most surprising — I find the same thing with my blog too. Although I have to say, the recipes above look lovely — I can see why they were a hit! 😉

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