Weekly Meal Plan + Vacation Recap 2-22-17

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We’re back from our ski vacation and had so much fun!!! We skied 2 days and the rest of the time we shopped, rested, and sat in the hot tub or natural hot springs. We put Ava in ski lessons again for the first morning we were on the mountain and then she took off and did great. Lance had a 2 hour private lesson the first day and did great too! I was worried he wouldn’t do it or the instructor would bring him back after 5 minutes but I bribed him and said I would take him to Chuck e Cheese on the Monday we got back if he did good – and it worked! After the lessons were over he said he would never get on ski’s again but I’ll worry about that next year 🙂

IMG_20170217_193510_254 (1)

The kids in ski school

Lance’s instructor was great! He was able to use my bribe of Chuck e Cheese to motivate him. Lance was afraid to get on the lift so he used a super slow conveyor belt to get up the mountain about 30 feet and tied a rope to both of his boots and held it from behind to keep Lance in control. About half way through lessons his legs started shaking and he got tired so they took a break and just took it easy after that. He said Lance has trouble using his limbs independently of each other so that’s something we might work on. For example, if he asked him to turn one of his legs, he turned his whole body or both of his legs instead of just his one leg. But I was super proud of him for even trying!

After we got home though, I was really, really regretting my decision to take him to Chuck e Cheese. We had just got home the night before so we were all tired, I had NO food in my fridge, and a Dr. Appt. at 4. Plus, it was super crowded cause it was a holiday then I woke up with a sore throat and stopped up nose this morning, I’m sure I picked something up there – UGH!!!

When I took Lance to the doctor Monday she started NAET (allergy elimination techniques) on him and we will go back every few weeks until the program is complete and she also recommended that he go off of eggs and completely off of dairy again 🙁 He was completely dairy free for many years but we have gradually added it back in and now he eats quite a bit. She said we didn’t have to be perfect so we are just going to reduce the amount of dairy and eggs he eats but not be crazy about it – especially if we are out or at someone’s house. Being completely gluten free is hard enough without the added worry of eggs and dairy but we will just do our best.

Anyways… lets move on to the food shall we!? We are eating really easy and healthy meals this week. We are eating easy to prepare meals because my dishwasher just broke and I don’t want to have to do lots of dishes and we are eating healthy because we ate really bad on vacation, and I for one, just want light meals for awhile. So here is my meal plan this week:


WednesdayHot Wings with Ranch or Egg Free Ranch with Veggies

ThursdayEgg Roll In A Bowl – I’ll probably use beef. I didn’t make this on Monday like I planned so I will make it Thursday

Friday- Cauliflower Jambalaya – Omit beans and add chicken or beef

Saturday- General Tso’s Chicken

Sunday- 2 Pizzas! I’m going to use THIS Flatbread crust with THIS cheese recipe or I might try Daiya Cheese if I’m feeling tired.

Monday- Chicken Ranch Tacos with leftover Ranch Dressing and Paleo Tortillas

Tuesday- Chicken with Asparagus and Bacon – full recipe to come (basically cook chicken thighs in skillet with S&P and roast a few slices of cut bacon, asparagus, onion, and a chopped squash at 425 for 12 – 17 minutes seasoned with garlic, S&P, and some healthy oil)



Breakfast Smoothie

No-Bake Dark Chocolate Bites

Chocolate Milkshake – use SO Delicious Dairy Free Ice Cream, homemade chocolate syrup, and non-dairy milk

Pineapple Whip

Extra Chicken for salads throughout the week.

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