No-Bake Peanut (Or Almond) Butter Chocolate Chip Energy Bites

peanut butter energy bites

I think these little peanut butter energy bites are going to be my downfall. Really, I just can’t stop making and eating them!

Me and the kids have been absolutely STARVING every afternoon when we get home and that’s where these energy bites come in.

They have a sweet peanut butter cookie dough flavor with a texture that melts in your mouth AND I can just mix all of the ingredients up in a bowl with a wooden spoon in like 2 minutes and they are done. Plus, they have protein and fat to keep the kids full until dinner. Best. Recipe. Everrrr.

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No-Bake Peanut (or almond) Butter Chocolate Chip Energy Bites
Serves: approx. 11 bites
  • 1 Cup Creamy Peanut Butter (use sunflower seed butter for nut free or any nut butter of choice, but be aware that the taste of these largely depend on the nut butter you choose)
  • ¼ Cup Coconut Palm Sugar
  • ¼ Cup Pure Maple Syrup
  • ¼ Cup Coconut Flour
  • 1 tsp. Pure Vanilla
  • ¼ Cup Enjoy Life Mini Chocolate Chips
  1. Line a baking sheet with parchment paper. Clear a space in the freezer for the baking sheet in the freezer and set it aside.
  2. In a mixing bowl, combine the peanut butter, coconut palm sugar, vanilla, and maple syrup. Mix well. Then, stir in the coconut flour until well incorporated. Fold in the chocolate chips.
  3. Roll into bite-sized balls and place on the prepared baking sheet.
  4. Transfer to freezer and allow and chill for 20 minutes or until firm, if needed.
  5. Store in an air-tight container at room temperature or in the refrigerator for 1 -2 weeks or can be frozen for 1 -2 months.


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