Keto Pecan Pie Recipe {With Paleo Options!}

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This Classic Paleo Or Keto Pecan Pie Recipe has a tender, flakey crust with a perfectly sweetened, easy caramel custard filling that is soft and gooey but sets up nicely!

>Butter - can use non-dairy >Keto Granulated Sweetener  > Keto Maple Syrup - or sugar- >Xanthan Gum  >Full Fat Canned Coconut Milk  >Sea Salt >Pure Vanilla > Large Eggs >Chopped Pecans


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Start by making either my Keto Pie Crust or Paleo Pie Crust. Both crusts are tender, buttery, flaky and SO delicious!

Melt butter. Bring to a low simmer until it's a deep golden brown.  Add in granulated sweetener, sugar-free maple syrup or honey, and sprinkle in xanthan gum, if using.

Stirring occasionally to keep from burning.  Then, add in full-fat canned coconut milk and stir. Remove from heat and stir in some sea salt and pure vanilla.

Whisk together the eggs.  Slowly whisk the butter/sugar mixture into the eggs. Sprinkle the pecans into the prepared pie crust.   Pour the batter over the pecans.

Sprinkle the pecans into the pie shell, then pour the filling over the pecans.

Serve with keto vanilla ice cream and enjoy!

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