Low(er) Carb & Paleo Apple Pie

This Classic Low Carb & Paleo Apple Pie has a tender, flakey crust with a sweet, perfectly seasoned apple filling.

– Paleo Pie Crust – Keto Pie Crust Apple Pie Filling: –Medium/Large Apples –Butter – Granulated Monk Fruit/Allulose Sweetener  –Molasses –Juice And Zest Of One Lemon – Ground Cinnamon –Nutmeg –Ground Cloves –Allspice – Salt –Xanthan Gum –Pure Vanilla

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Step 1

Start by making a double batch of either my Almond Flour Keto Pie Crust or Paleo Pie Crust. Both crusts are tender, buttery, flaky and SO delicious!

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Step 2

Start by peeling, coring, and chopping 7 to 8 medium/large apples into ¼-inch slices. Be sure to cut uniform-sized apples

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Step 3

Add the apples, spices, sweetener, and molasses. Heat over medium heat until apples are crisp-tender. Then, sprinkle in some xanthan gum or a tapioca/water mixture to thicken. Set aside.

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Step 4

 Pour the filling evenly into the bottom crust. Then, add the top crust.

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Step 5

 Cinch the edges of the pie crusts together

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Step 6

Apply any decorative effects, and make five 3 inch slits coming out from the center of the pie.  Brush the crust with a beaten egg mixed with water. Sprinkle with granulated sweetener or coconut palm sugar.

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Step 7

 Cool at room temperature for 3 hours to properly set up. Do not place in the fridge to cool faster as this will make the crust soft.  

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