Whole30 Pesto

I absolutely adore this whole30 pesto with all it's fresh, garlic-y, cheesy flavors! Whether it's with Zucchini Noodles or simply used as a dip, spread, pizza sauce, salad dressing, or anything else - I love everything about it! While it's naturally low-carb, it's not naturally dairy-free or whole30 since a large part of the recipe usually consists of cheese.


– Fresh Basil – Pine Nuts – Cloves Garlic – Fresh Lemon Juice – Blanched Almond Flour –  Sesame Seeds  – Onion Powder

How To Make Keto Whole30 Pesto

Step 1

You'll need to start with fresh basil.  The recipe does not work well with dried basil. Fresh is a must.

Step 2

Remove the stems from your basil and add about 2 cups of basil leaves to the bowl of a food processor. Then, add garlic, pine nuts, blanched almond flour, sea salt, fresh lemon juice, sesame seeds (optional), onion powder, and nutritional yeast.

Step 3

Place the lid on your food processor and give your basil mixture a good couple of pulses. Then, while the food processor is running on low, slowly drizzle in some olive oil.

How to freeze basil pesto

–> Spoon the whole30 pesto into an ice cube tray. –> Drizzle a small amount of olive oil on the top so it doesn't turn brown.

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