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I’m still going strong on my Whole30!!! I’m on day 3 and have 27 days left – I can do this, right???!!?? It’s suppose to get super cold this week so I’ll be making lots of Whole30 approved chili’s and soups. Here’s my meal plan for the week:

If you’re new to my meal plans– We have wings every week. They are super easy to make after getting groceries and my family loves them. Also, this is my actual meal plan. I know you don’t have the same schedule as me so you probably can’t follow it exactly but I hope it at least helps you in your meal planning and introduces some new recipes :)
*I have made this recipe and love it

**This is a new recipe I have not tried yet


Wednesday* – Chicken Wings (omit or use Whole30 BBQ Sauce) With Homemade Ranch and Veggies

Thursday*– Classic Chili (For Non-Whole30 peeps my Paleo Cornbread would be great with this!)

Friday- We are going out for my in-laws anniversary. I plan on ordering a meat and veggie dish or a salad and taking some salad dressing in my purse if needed.

Saturday*Balsamic Glazed Pork Medallions With Capers and roasted asparagus (season with coconut oil, salt, pepper, and garlic. Roast 425 degrees 12-18 minutes)

Sunday*- Pioneer Woman’s Hamburger Soup

Monday*- Cracklin’ Chicken with Baked Potatoes seasoned with salt, pepper, ghee, chives, and bacon if we have any leftover from Saturday.

Tuesday**- Paleo White Chicken Chili



I’m going to boil a chicken to make some Shredded Chicken* for Salads during the week for lunch and Bone Broth* to freeze and use for the White Chicken Chili

Roasted Sweet Potatoes for snacking

Breakfast Smoothie*

We are having brunch at our house on Saturday for my parents anniversary. While I won’t be eating them due to the Whole30, I’ll be making Paleo Waffles* and Paleo “Buttermilk” Biscuits*… along with gravy**, bacon, and ham- YUM!

For a snack I’m going to have nitrate free deli meat around pepper slices secured with a toothpick to dip into salsa or guacamole – per suggestion of the Whole30 book 🙂

Homemade Mayo* for the Ranch on Wednesday. The ranch will also be good for salads and for dipping throughout the week for snacks.


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