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Pancakes, muffins, pizza crust, and REAL sandwich bread on the Keto diet? Yup, you can have it all with my new Keto Breads Cookbook! All 21 recipes have no dairy, no gluten, nut free options, and no compromising on flavor!

I wrote Keto Breads to make the transition into a keto lifestyle easier and help people not feel like they are deprived of all the basic breads they used to eat.

We initially started following a keto diet to help with my son’s autism and epilepsy but noticed almost immediately that it was also helping me with my hormones and Hashimoto’s. We were hooked!

Even though we were seeing great results from keto, having a hungry 13 year-old boy on a keto diet is HARDREALLY HARD!! I knew that for it to be a success he would need to feel like he was eating “regular” food, and not like he was being deprived. Lettuce-wrapped burgers, taco salads, eggs, and pizza casseroles just weren’t going to cut it. We needed hamburger buns, tortillas, pancakes, and real pizza crust!

I hope this book helps make your transition into the keto lifestyle easier, more delicious, and will allow you to enjoy all your favorite bread recipes once again.


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All of the recipes in this book have been thoroughly tested, kid-approved, and are allergy-friendly. Each recipe is:

✔ Keto   

✔Gluten Free 

 ✔ Dairy Free   

✔ Yeast Free   

✔ Nut Free Or Has A Nut Free Version 

Plus, many recipes are also:

✔Grain Free & Paleo


nutritional information

Since following a Keto diet usually requires counting carbs and macros, I’ve included a complete nutritional breakdown of each recipe.



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Breads, hamburger buns, muffins, pizza, pancakes… you can have it all! I’ve got 21 keto bread recipes in the book (30 if you include the nut free options!) that will curb every carby craving – but without the excess carbs, gluten, dairy, or nuts to keep you feeling your best. And yes, those “fat head” recipes are dairy free! It’s possible!

Here are the recipes included in the book:






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