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Weekly Gluten Free Meal Plan 4-19-2017

I will keep things short and sweet today because I woke up this morning with an ear ache and dizziness so I’m having some trouble concentrating- ugh! I know it’s from my allergies since they’ve been so bad this season, so I put some Basil and Melaleuca essential oil on a cotton ball to put […]

Gluten Free Teriyaki Chicken Stir Fry {Paleo, Gluten, & Grain Free}

  Teriyaki Chicken Stir Fry was one of the first recipes I ever posted on my site and I’m so excited to finally update my pictures and recipe! This has always made a regular appearance at my dinner table because it’s easy, quick, & healthy. But after making this several years I’ve gradually tweaked my […]

Paleo Weekly Meal Plan 4-12-2017

I’m such an airhead because last week when I posted this I was so focused on my meal plan that I flat forgot to write anything! I didn’t even notice until a few day later – oops, I hope you will forgive me!!! This week’s meal plan is pretty simple. All the recipes are easy […]

How To Make A Lettuce Wrapped Sandwich That Doesn’t Fall Apart!

  The biggest challenge for me when trying to cut out processed foods and eggs is what to eat for lunch. In particular, what to send in the kids lunchboxes. I’m happy eating a salad or drinking a smoothie everyday for lunch but I can’t exactly send salads and smoothies in the kids lunches everyday. […]

The Dreaded Vaccine Dilemma

  While I definitely don’t want to start a vaccine debate, vaccine’s are a hot topic these days.  The medical community insists that vaccines are safe and they have been credited for eradicating terrible diseases. However, in recent years people have become concerned about vaccine safety – from injuries and toxicity to vaccines triggering autism, […]

Weekly Gluten Free Meal Plan 3-5-2017

Dinners: Wednesday- Wings With Homemade Ranch and Veggies Thursday- Shredded Beef Tacos {Crock Pot} With Cassava Flour Tortillas or Almond Flour Tortillas Friday- Spaghetti & Meatballs – This is from last week, I never got around to making it. Saturday- Honey Lemon Chicken With Steamed Broccoli – Use tapioca or arrowroot instead of cornstarch and coconut aminos instead of […]

Cassava Flour Tortillas {Paleo, AIP, Egg Free, Gluten Free, & Nut Free}

I’m SO excited about these tortillas because they are not only compliant for most diets since they are grain, egg, and nut free, but my non-gluten free taste testers said they tasted just like typical wheat tortillas and they could hardly tell the difference – YAY! They are also pliable, elastic, and don’t crack – […]

Weekly Gluten Free Meal Plan 3-29-2017

Hi, and welcome to another week of meal planning! I hope everyone is having a good week so far and these meal plans are helpful. I’m trying 3 new recipes out this week that all look very easy and healthy, and the kids will be having leftovers for most of the week to make things […]

Weekly Meal Plan 3-22-2017

Hi there! This week we’ve had some family stuff going on so I haven’t been in the kitchen doing much cooking. I still have the ingredients for several dinners and snacks in my fridge that I had planned to make at the beginning of the week but didn’t get a chance to, so this weeks […]

How To Make Cultured Dairy Free Sour Cream!!! {Paleo, Easy, Dairy & Nut Free}

  Last week after Lance was sick for over a week and having to put him on antibiotics when his eardrum busted, I started researching ways to improve gut health and counteract the antibiotics. Everything I ran across said to take probiotics (obviously), and eat fermented or cultured foods. I wasn’t really seeing anything I […]

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